IMG is a solutions-focused company with a proven record of delivering on its commitments. That means that our performance is measured by your programís success, and customers can trust us to be actively engaged in helping them achieve their goals on time and within budget. IMG has the resources to respond wherever we are needed.

We provide customers with a wide range of advanced Software Design and Development Solutions, e.g., life cycle software development life cycle development, data dissemination tools and products,  web solutions and web-enabled system development,  legacy migrations, COTS integration, software quality assurance, configuration management, and data and information systems.

Government IT Enterprise Solution customers need look no further than our IT experts for enterprise consulting, enterprise technology solutions in database development and maintenance, end-user services, and data services.

IMG also provides extensive Information Management & Analysis and Product Production support that encompasses the entire life cycle of a data collection process, e.g., customer contact, data collection, data editing, and data dissemination in various mediums and formats.


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