Software Design and Development Solutions

IMG personnel have delivered quality, tested, and documented software applications to customers for over 20 years.  Because of the gained experience of the legacy systems and the knowledge of how the original data structures were built and stored, we have been able to play a key role in the re-engineering of legacy applications, as they have migrated from the traditional mainframe environments to more common client/server architectures.  Our technical staff is able to use Rapid Application Design (RAD) techniques in its engineering of new systems, because its knowledge of customer data and business rules is so extensive.  IMG has long followed the Standard Industry Software Engineering Methodology and is accustomed to the rigors and requirements of this methodology.

Because we have been developing applications in this environment for a decade, we are well versed in using the desired methodology tools, such as Visual SourceSafe for configuration management, Erwin for database modeling, MS Project for project planning and execution, and a variety of J2EE development tools for the expanding web development.   We have helped our customers put in place rigorous test plans for software and databases alike, which include unit, integration, and user acceptance testing.  

Software Maintenance
IMG has been an important teammate to many customers in the development of many of its legacy systems and databases.  Our extensive knowledge of the applications, databases, dissemination products, and interconnectivity of the databases enables us to deploy fixes and enhancements to legacy systems in a timely fashion.  Because of our extensive knowledge of our customerís business rules and interconnectivity of the data, we help our clients make the right decisions about which types of software enhancements to implement.  We are able to pinpoint, and prioritize changes to deliver a scaled down life cycle development path for the enhancements deployed.  IMG is well versed in various programming languages and software packages and provides versatility and technical knowledge in a variety of technical areas.

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